Codi - An Interactive Scratchpad for Hackers

What is Codi?

Codi is an interactive scratchpad for hackers. It opens virtual text which displays the results of evaluating each line as you type with NeoVim asynchronously. It's extensible to nearly any language that provides a REPL (interactive interpreter)!

REPL = (Read-eval-print loop)

Languages with built-in support: Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Haskell, PureScript, Ruby, OCaml, R, Clojure/ClojureScript, PHP, Lua, C++, Julia, Elm, Elixir, TypeScript, Mathjs


  • Updated Version with Virtual text

  • Original

  • Version with Virtual Text

    The code for this can be found here


Here is some simple config to get you started


Shell Wrapper

Add this to your bashrc or zshrc


This plugin has been a little buggy but I still find it very useful.

The maintainer and the guy who forked it and added virtual text don't seem to be very active.

I have a fork on my Github for now with the updates from both.

I don't plan on maintaining it or adding features.

Hopefully they update it soon.

Repo Links


Virtual text fork

YouTube video where I found this

My fork

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