Neovim Setting up the basics

General Setings

To include some basics in your config first create a directory called general and a file called settings.vim

Here is every general setting I use with a brief explanation:

Add the following to settings.vim

Source in init.vim

Mapping new keys

Again we'll create a directory called keys and and a file called mappings.vim

Add the following to mappings.vim:

Source in init.vim

Get healthy

Open nvim and enter the following:

You'll probably notice you don't have support for copy/paste also that python and node haven't been setup

So let's fix that

First we'll fix copy/paste

  • On mac pbcopy should be builtin
  • On Ubuntu

  • On Arch Linux

Next we need to install python support (node is optional)

  • Neovim python support

  • Neovim node support


If you use virtual environments I highly suggest putting these varibles in your config

I recommend putting this in paths.vim in the general directory

Run checkhealth again and you should now see the requirements are met

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