Plugins with Vim-Plug

Installing Neovim

  • On Mac

  • Ubuntu

  • Arch

Create config

Make directory for your Neovim config

Create an init.vim file

Install vim-plug

You should now have plug.vim in your autoload directory so it will load of on start

Add a new file for plugins

We will manage our plugins in a separate file for the sake of my own sanity

Let's add some plugins

Add the following to ~/.config/nvim/vim-plug/plugins.vim

Source your plugins

Add the following line to init.vim

Vim-plug commands

Open nvim

Check the status of your plugins

Install all of your plugins

To update your plugins

After the update you can press d to see the differences or run

To remove plugins that are no longer defined in the plugins.vim file

Finally if you want to upgrade vim-plug itself run the following

Where did I learn all this?

Check out vim-plug on github

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